Our church reaches out to our local community and to the world through missions projects.  "Growing in the Spirit, we follow Jesus, loving, tending, and feeding all God's people and Creation."

FIFTH MONDAY MEALS.  During months that have a Fifth Monday (except when that is a holiday), we offer a supper open to anyone seeking food, fellowship or both--free of charge.  Fifth Monday Meals are provided in conjunction with Food & Fellowship, Inc., and organization based primarily in the neighboring town of Windham.  On the other Mondays, sister churches such as Windham Hill United Church of Christ, St. Ann's Episcopal Church, and the Windham Assembly of God, provide the meals.

SPAGHETTI SUPPERS.   Our mission board coordinates a spaghetti supper on the last Monday of most months, free of charge, for anyone seeking food, fellowship, or both.  The meal is prepared and served by Missions Board members and others from the congregation who volunteer to help.

AT CHRISTMAS TIME. Our mission board decides whether to adopt a family (if a family is identified in the area) who would benefit from help in providing food and gifts to their children at Christmas.  Sometimes the Town of Standish knows of such a family; sometimes the family has come to our church for help from the Pastors Discretionary Fund.  The names of family members are kept confidential, but the ages of the children are revealed to the congregation so that church members can provide gifts that the children have requested.  Sometimes the decision is to buy Hannaford gift cards to help families with holiday food.

UCC DENOMINATIONAL OFFERINGS.  In most years we are five-for-five, as our Missions Board promotes the offerings to the congregation.

FUNDS FOR LOCAL, STATE, AND GLOBAL MISSIONS.  In partnership with many other churches and nonprofits, our church helps to support theological education, camps, hospital chaplaincy, hospice, ministry to the homeless, and denominational missionaries around the world, though a combination of fundraising and funds provided from interest from our UCC Trust Fund (in cooperation with the Board of Trustees).

ECOLOGY TASK FORCE sponsored several Electronics Recycling events, in coorperation with the neighboring George E. Jack Elementary School. 

WOMENS FELLOWSHIP sponsors the collection of Church World Service Health Kits, and Blankets, annually.

MEN'S FELLOWSHIP in 2017 sponsored the collection of Disaster Relief Buckets for Church World Service.